universal adaptive holster for pistol ADAPT-X lvl2

80,00 лв.
  • Brand: Swiss Arms (France)
  • Cat No: 603659

The latest development in the field of equipment from Swiss Arms is ADAPT-X - a holster
suitable for a huge number of pistols. With 6 adjustment positions, you can adjust its
dimensions to the optimal size of your pistol. With careful handling, each pistol fits very
snugly in the holster, and if necessary, it can be removed very quickly and easily. It can also
be changed to left / right as desired. Extremely convenient solution if you have more than
one pistol and do not want to buy a separate holster for each or due to production tolerances
in the airsoft industry and your model does not fit into the holster provided for its firearm
model. Made of very strong polymer, resistant to mechanical impact. Also suitable for use
with firearms.
Some of the models with which it has been successfully tested by us successfully are:
Sig Sauer: P225, P226, X-Five, SP2022
H&K: USP, USP Compact, USP 45
Glock: 17, 19, 32, 42
Colt: 1911, 1911 Hi-Capa
Taurus: 24/7 G2, PT92, PT99
Beretta: M9, 92
FN: Five-seveN, FNS-9, FNX-45
ICS: BLE-Alpha,
Walter: PPQ
* Desert Eagle: The holster accepts the pistol but does not lock it, so we do not recommend
using it.


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