Perun V2 Hybrid backwired

165,00 лв.
  • Brand: Perun (Poland)
  • Cat No: HB-V2-BW

The new version multifunction electronic trigger with MOSFET fom Perun replaces the optical trigger sensor with a magnetic one for even more precise adjustment of its sensitivity. This product includes all the possible pampering you can expect from an electronic trigger, namely:

- Adjusting the stroke of the trigger and its sensitivity

This feature allows you to set at what point the trigger fires - this can be in millimeters at the beginning of the pull, etc. "Hair Trigger", in a comfortable position in the middle or at the very end of its move. The choice is entirely yours and can be easily changed on the go.

- Free programming of each of the positions safe-semi-automatic-automatic

The trigger allows you to program the positions of the selector as you see fit - if you want the switch to be single and the position "automatic" to shoot a burst of 3 BB’s - no problem. Or to always be single in all positions - the mosfet will do it without asking where the logic is.

- Active brake with several levels of effort

The active brake is a very important element, especially for more powerful motors, due to the danger of an unwanted "double shot" with one press of the trigger. This occurs when the inertia of the motor is sufficient to overcome the resistance of the spring. Here the active brake intervenes, which at the moment when the circuit is interrupted supplies current in the opposite direction and instantly locks the mechanism in the position selected by you. The ability to program the power of this brake allows you to apply exactly as much charge as needed without overloading the system.

- Coil with the possibility of releasing the spring

The most noticeable is the reduction in the response of the trigger after pressing it - the piston is already waiting in a raised position and the time for which the last millimeters pass before the shot is measured in milliseconds.

- Binary trigger

The binary trigger is the setting in which the trigger fires twice in one stroke - once when pressed and once when released.

- 2 degree trigger

This option is extremely useful when you do not have time to waste to switch the selector for shooting modes. In the first millimeters of the pull, the trigger performs a shot or a burst - depending on the settings, and "deep" pressure includes automatic mode or a burst - at your discretion.

- Reduction of shooting rate

When there are speed limits in the field (usually in MilSim events) there is no need to change motors, gears or springs to reduce the rate of fire - just use this option in PERUN v2 Hybrid.

- DMR mod

Do you have a favorite replica and use it as a DMR and as an assault rifle in various games just by changing the spring? PERUN v2 Hybrid is ready to help you meet the other requirements regarding the rate of fire and the limit from the automatic without the need to interfere with the mechanics of your replica. You can set a minimum interval between shots of up to 2.5 seconds.

- Low battery alarm

LiPo batteries are particularly sensitive to overcharging. The built-in alarm in the mosfet will protect your battery and prolong its life. If you are looking for a reason to change the battery, you have the option to turn off the function.

- Programming using RGB diode

No additional devices are required to program and adjust the electronic trigger. A combination of simple command combinations between the selector and the trigger give you access to all functions and settings. RGB diode indicates the changes made and possible errors.

- DSG mode


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