Airsoft CO2 pistol blowback Cybergun Taurus PT24/7 G2 GBB 1 - 1J

280,00 лв.
  • Brand: Cybergun (France)
  • Cat No: 210520

The 1st model of the Taurus 24/7 G2 ( 2017 ) is an airsoft replica that gives the most realistic
feeling of firing the Real Steel version. You are likely to think this is a real pistol when you
come to cock the slide due to its very strong recoil spring, this is even before you pull the
trigger! The pistol itself is unusually powerful with a maximum muzzle energy of 1.8 J -135
m/s using 0.2 g BB’s. This pistol has an increased range of over 10 meters compared to
other pistols in its class. Due to its well designed system it has a very strong recoil at a low
cost, achieving up to 6 magazines on one 12g C02 refill. Due to its very strong Hop-up you
can effectively use a 0.50 g BB! Something that is very rare for a stock pistol and usually can
not even be achieved in an upgraded version.
The pistol has a metal slide and polymer receiver and gives a snappy, strong recoil with a
high degree of accuracy. The magazine holds 19 rounds and the 12g CO2 refill

Видео на хронографирането.  - Video of the chronography

Видео на пистолета в действие.  - Video of the pistol in action

The 2nd model has a deliberately reduced muzzle energy of 1 J, as in many countries this is
the maximum allowed for airsoft replicas in many European countries. Although there are no
such legal frameworks here in Bulgaria most fields and organisers have a limit of 1.2 J if you

want to use the replica at its minimum distance of 1 meter. However if desired, even the new
replicas can be increased in power, upon request in our store.
The values set by the manufacturer are the maximum and can only be achieved under
certain conditions, these being high temperatures of the CO2 refill and weather.

Technical Specs
Technical Specs
Replicates model
Taurus 24/7
Made of
185 mm
890 g
CO2 19 bbs
Gas/CO2, with blowback (GBB)
Muzzle power (velocity with 0.2 bb)
1.8 J (~135 m/s)
Gas used

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