Maxx Model ME PRO CNC Hopup unit for M4 AEG

155,00 лв.
  • Brand: MaxxModel (USA)
  • Cat No: Maxx_ME_Pro

Maxx Model ME Pro is the best Hop-up unit for the M4 model that can be found on the
market. It brings together years of research and a number of innovative solutions to ensure
the best performance of your Airsoft replica on the AR15 platform. Among its distinctive
qualities are:

- Precisely milled aluminum body with the strictest possible tolerances in the industry.

- Inspection windows along the channel.

- Ability to place LEDs to add the functionality of a tracer unit.

- Counter-shoulder, which does not allow the unfired BB’s to fall out of the unit after
removing the magazine.

- Innovative system for transmitting pressure to the Bucking, always providing the same
angle of the nub.

- Milled nub arm, which does not allow bending and changing the pressure force at heavier

- Unlike most Hop-up units, which have 1 spring, which provides tightness of contact
between the Hop-up unit and the gearbox, depending on the model, here they are 3,
combined with a screw-limiter.

- The stabilizing washer of the barrel has a flange, providing precise fixation and support for
the central spring.

- The adjustment is performed by means of clearly expressed and numbered positions, in
which the adjusting washer is fixed with a clearly distinct "snap" of each one.
If you are looking for maximum accuracy - this product, combined with a good Bucking and
barrel are the first upgrades worth considering.


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