Perun AB++ multifunctional mosfet with active break and wires

104,99 лв.
  • Manufacturer: Perun (Poland)
  • Cat No: PerunABPlus

AB ++ is an external mosfet that directs the strong currents driving the motor through a
powerful transistor instead of through delicate mechanical contacts, thus increasing the
reliability and performance of your AEG. In addition, Perun AB ++ adds many new and
useful features to it.
Works with 7.4V, 11.1V and 14.8V LiPo and LiIo batteries. It comes fully pre-wired, and it is
necessary to make only a few quick solders to the mechanical contact group.

Electronic slope
Active brake with power adjustment
Pre-cocking piston with spring release option
Rate of fire control
DMR mod
Low battery alarm
Programming with multicolor color diode
Diagnostic system
Reusable electronic fuse

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