Perun ETU++ за G&G

104,99 лв.
  • Brand: Perun (Poland)
  • Cat No: PerunETUPlus

ETU ++ is designed to replace the original G&G ETU electronic MOSFET. In addition to the
standard features provided by the G&G ETU, Perun adds some more useful and fun
features. The installation is the so-called drop-in - just unhook the original mosfet and
replace it with Perun's. Since the mosfet is usually located in the butt or box, there is no
need to open the gearbox.
Works with any G&G ETU replica, as well as 7.4V, 11.1V and 14.8V batteries.

Individually programmable shooting modes
Active brake with adjustable force
Precocking with spring release function
Binary trigger (shots when pressing and releasing the trigger)
Rate of fire control
DMR mod
Low battery alarm
Programming with multicolor color diode
Diagnostic system
Reusable electronic fuse


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