24,99 лв.
  • Manufacturer: Perun (Poland)
  • Cat No: PerunMos1

Perun Mosfet is the smallest existing mosfet on the market, which makes it extremely
suitable for installation in replicas with very limited space for cables and battery. The
specialized ultra-low resistance transistor used in the Perun, channels the battery energy
directly to the motor, while only the small signal currents required to turn the MOSFET on
and off pass through the mechanical contacts. This significantly increases their service life
and reduces the overall resistance, leading to a more reliable replica with a higher rate of

Operating voltage - 7V to 17V

Maximum muzzle speed - 197.6 m / s (650 FPS) with 0.2 g BB

Maximum rate of fire - 50 shots per second (50 RPS)

Dimensions - 14x6x3 mm

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