FPS cylinder type "B" for barrels 201-250 mm

22,00 лв.
  • Manufacturer: FPS Softair (Italy)
  • Cat No: fps_cltb

FPS Softair is an Italian company and manufacturer of high quality upgrade parts for airsoft.
The cylinders are made of high density stainless steel. They are resistant to mechanical and
chemical loads, with a perfectly polished inner surface and external fins for better heat

- Length: 72.2 mm

- Outer diameter: 25.4 mm

- Inner diameter: 23.8 mm

- Suitable for internal barrels with a length of 201 to 251 mm.

Gearbox v.2, Gearbox v.3, Gearbox v.6, Gearbox v.1, Gearbox v.7, AEG Standard
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