Micro mosfet FPS Micro1 with signal wires

19,99 лв.
  • Manufacturer: FPS Softair (Italy)
  • Cat No: FPS_MICRO1

The Italian-made FPS Softair micro-mosfet is an ideal solution for replicas with limited cable
space. Its dimensions are only 3.6x6.1x19.3 mm. The installation of the mosfet protects the
contact group from scale, reduces the resistance (which leads to a slight increase in rate of
fire), significantly extends the life of the replica and improves the response of the trigger.
This, combined with the T-connector, is one of the most efficient upgrades at the lowest cost.
Micro1 is a reliable mosfet, tested for a long time with various batteries, including 14.8 volt
LiPo, and shows excellent results everywhere.

The set includes 1m signal cables, as well as an adhesive thermo-hose. After correct
installation, the mosfet is completely protected from moisture.

We also offer installation in your replica.

Gearbox v.2, Gearbox v.3, Gearbox v.6, Gearbox v.1, Gearbox v.7, AEG Standard
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