Swiss Arms Platinum 0.25 1kg, 4000 pct.

27,00 лв. 22,00 лв.
  • Manufacturer: Swiss Arms (France)
  • Cat No: KA-BB-02-WH

The platinum series of Swiss Arms is the highest class of BB.A perfect sphere, without
defects, and perfect polishing. No cavities in the balls made of medium hardness plastic.
Diameter 5.95 + - 0.001 mm. Balls weighing 0.2 g are suitable for replicas with a muzzle
energy of up to 1.1 J or a velocity of up to 105 m / s or for indoor use where the wind is
unlikely to affect their trajectory. Also, 0.2 BB’s have long been the standard for measuring
the muzzle energy of airsoft replicas. Note! These balls are suitable for use on indoor
playgrounds type CQB. If you intend to play in nature, take a look at our range of BIO BB's -
the generations to come will thank you for spending 1-2 leva more per game so as NOT to
pollute the environment with non-degradable plastic!

0.25, неразградими
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