Frequently asked questions F.A.Q.

What is the best weapon for a beginner airsoft?

This is probably the most frequently asked question that is encountered in the first contacts with this sport.

If the question is between different classes of weapons, the answer is simple: It is best to get an Automatic Electric Gun (AEG). Buying a pistol as the first weapon may seem logical at first, especially given the lower price of some models compared to submachine guns and rifles, but they hide much higher costs of use (gas, CO2, maintenance) and also have much more limited possibilities for effective application. Almost every machine gun shoots farther and more accurately than most pistols, and its maintenance and operation costs are many times lower.


If the question is based on the specific model (What should I take - AK or M4 or something else?) Then there is no clear answer. There is no such maxim that replicas of one model shoot better than replicas of another particular model of real weapon - there are huge differences from manufacturer to manufacturer, as well as from price range to price range. In general, replicas of the same price range have very similar characteristics in terms of accuracy, consistency and range. The best solution in this case is personal preference. However, our advice is not to rush into choosing a model before you hold it in your hands and try it on the field - often what looks "cool" may not be very convenient for you on the field and then you buy something, which instead of making you happy, will irritate you. If there is no place around you that allows you to touch the specific models you have chosen - contact us, we will offer an alternative.


If convenience is the leading factor in the choice (you are not so pretentious about convenience and comfort in operation), then we have some tips for you:

  1. Do not start with a too expensive or cheap model - it is very likely that you do not even have specific preferences in the beginning and develop them later, as well as the high probability that you will want to quickly change your first airsoft weapon. If you buy a model that is too expensive right away, reselling it can be more difficult than the more common budget versions. If you start with something very cheap (for less than 100 Euro in an AEG) the probability that this is a replica capable of only shooting at boxes at a distance of no more than 15 meters is incredibly high, not to mention the quality you will encounter, it can turn you away from airsoft forever without you ever being able to enjoy the best emotions it offers.
  2. Focus on warranty models - although it may seem simple, it is highly inadvisable as a beginner airsoft to upgrade and adjust the weapon on their own, it is almost certain that something will go wrong. It is best to take a model with a warranty, the longer the better. This will give you enough time to figure out exactly what you want from the equipment and weapons you play with, and will make resale easier. When you gain enough experience, you will focus on high-end models with a reduced warranty.
  3. Choose the most popular models - it is certain that even if you do not like them, it will be easier to sell them and focus on what you do want. These are the models with 2nd and 3rd versions of gearboxes, namely the different copies and variations of M4 / M16, AK, G36, MP5, HK416, F2000 ...

We hope that these few tips will make your choice easier and more reasonable.

Greengas or CO2?   

This is also a common dilemma that everyone has to answer for themselves. In a few words we will try to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the 2 systems:


+ Better performance in a wider temperature range (from about 0 degrees to +30).

+ Stronger recoil on most models.

- Higher average price during operation (the difference is insignificant, sometimes it may not be, depending on the gringe used or a particular model of pistols).

- More capricious in terms of maintenance.


+ More economical (most models).

+ Ability to store gas in the magazine without seriously damaging the performance of the gun.

- Practically unusable at temperatures below 5-7 degrees Celsius (depending on the model).

- The magazines have 2 valves each, most of them have a valve at the bottom, which is easily contaminated when it comes into contact  with sand / soil, etc.


The right choice here most often depends on your personal preferences and other subjective factors such as the average temperature at which you will play, the availability of stores where you can buy greengas or CO2 bottles near you, etc. The best compromise, in our opinion, is the CO2 pistol, which also accepts greengas magazines. This is a gun that you will be able to use at any time of the year and you will not have to choose between economy, ease of use and affordability.

Can I buy an airsoft weapon if I am under 18 years old?                                                                                                                                                     

There is no law in Bulgaria to classify Airsoft replicas as a weapon, so there is no obstacle to buying this type of replica, even if you are under 18. Because of safety reasons however, if you are under 18 we would require incormed consent from your parent in order to execute your order.

What is the difference between airsoft and paintball?           

The differences are much more than the similarities. Apart from the fact that the goal is to hit the enemy with a projectile that is propelled by a different type of gun, they have no common features. Airsoft offers much better security, a significantly higher dose of realism and the opportunity to diversify the game (cosplay of various real units is possible, as well as games and virtual characters with the most accurate copying of both weapons and equipment) , in addition, the weapons in the airsoft are much more accurate and have a longer range.

Unlike paintball, where a hit on your opponent is clearly visible, airsoft is a game based on honesty and dignity - here the pleasure of the game is above the competitive part, which makes it much friendlier and more interesting.

What is Airsoft?

In two words - a military-tactical game. Airsoft uses very accurate copies of real weapons, as well as those popular in movies and Video games. The great variety of all types of replicas, which have their own characteristics, makes airsoft a very diverse and extremely exciting sport. The biggest games have several thousand participants and last nearly a week. If you have not tried this sport yet - do not miss this opportunity, but book your participation with us!

In case you find the answers listed above not helpful, please do not hesitate to contact us.