Long rifles & SMG

Airsoft rifles and / or submachine guns are replicas of real firearms capable of firing both in (usually) automatic and semi-automatic mode. According to their principle of operation, they are divided into spring (spring), AEG (electro-pneumatic) and gas (operate through the expansion of different types of gas, with recoil - GBB and without recoil - GNB), all of which shoot with 6 mm. balls (bb's). They differ from air pistols and rifles mostly in the type and size of the projectile - most air weapons use 4.5 mm or 5.5 mm metal projectiles. While with an air weapon you can only shoot at targets or hunting for small animals, Airsoft weapons are designed for fun - with them you can hit targets with great accuracy, as well as use them in games against other people "armed" the same way.

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Muzzle power (velocity with 0.2 bb)
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