Adapt-X-3 adaptive holster for left/right hand fits over 200 pistol models - BLACK

80,00 лв.
  • Brand: Swiss Arms (France)
  • Cat No: 603694

This generation of Adapt-X continues to refine the already proven universal holster of Swiss Arms. The differences compared to the 2nd generation are both cosmetic (more color choices, now 6) and effective - added widened locking clip for the left side, added asymmetric washer to correct the angle of storage. The latest improvement includes an additional arm, which allows even wider options for adjusting the position of the holster in terms of height and angle relative to the clip.


The uniqueness of the product lies in its very wide versatility. When adjusting 6 different positions, the holster size can be perfectly matched for over 200 pistol models. It includes all kinds of models - from Makarov to Desert Eagle *. Thanks to the high-quality materials used, you can be sure that no matter how many pistols you replace with this holster, it will serve you equally well with everyone. Ready to mount left and right - equally comfortable to use with both hands.

The holster comes standard with a belt mount, but in combination with the molle clip or thigh base it can be mounted literally anywhere on the body where possible.


* Desert Eagle goes into the holster, but does not lock, unlike other models of guns.



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