About airsoft

The military-tactical game called Airsoft is found all around the world with names such as airsoft (Russia) and softair (France), but the most common remains the original name AIRSOFT. Weapons are essentially very accurate replicas of real firearms, with a few exceptions. The main categories of weapons in the airsoft world according to the principle of operation are: Spring (manual cocking of the spring  mechanism after each shot), Gases (work with different gas - CO2 or propane-butane with impurities), electric - also known as AEG (Battery operated) and HPA (compressed air cylinders), all using the same "ammunition" - 6 mm plastic BB’s weighing 0.12 g to 0.6 g. In addition, they are very accurate copies of a variety of real  weapons; the airsoft replicas are characterized by very high accuracy and decent range - up to 120 meters. The main distinguishing feature in this sport is honesty - since there are no paint marks as in paintball, the shots are recorded by the hit player in good faith.

One of the largest and most developed movements in the airsoft is MILSIM (MILSIM from military simulation), where the main goal of each player is to imitate to the smallest detail a real existing unit of a military unit or one for special response not only with weapons but and with the equipment they use. Games of this type can be held over huge areas, lasting from 2 to 10 days and involving a huge number of participants (several thousand) as well as a wide variety of military equipment - tanks, armored personnel carriers, helicopters, etc.

However, Airsoft offers many other types of games - such as speedsoft (maximum dynamic battles that sometimes last only a few minutes) or just Pokemon games - all you need is eye protection, weapons and enough balls to shoot at will with friends, skipping other formalities and rules.

Different games and organizers have different requirements for the strength with which weapons fire. In Europe it is usually measured in m / s (meters per second), while in America in FPS (feet per second), using 0.2 g balls as standard. On the boxes of most Airsoft weapons you can see marked maximum achievable values ​​in the base configuration of the model, but they may differ significantly from the actual ones due to legal restrictions in certain countries or the delivery of replicas from different suppliers.






This table presents the relationships between the different quantities - FPS (feet per second), M / S (meters per second) and J (muzzle energy in Joules):